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Because a child's smile is priceless.™

Pediatric Dentists (Children's Dentistry) located in West Los Angeles caring for children in Santa Monica, Brentwood, Westwood, Malibu, Beverly Hills, and Culver City. Dr. Payman Pirnazar's BabyTeeth Children's Dentistry is a unique, personalized, high-tech private dental practice, specializing in Preventive & Cosmetic Dentistry for Infants, Children & Teenagers. Focus is on Preventive and Minimally Invasive Dentistry with a holistic, whole-body philosophy.





Patient Testimonials:

"I was very anxious about coming with my son. He had a previous experience which caused him to be anxious. He is very hesitant about all doctors and dentists. My girlfriend referred me and said this would be different. Dr. Pirnazar and his staff were so incredibly kind and patient that I could physically see my son's body relax in the chair. Since then, he has had cavities filled and sealants placed. He loves coming here and says he will keep coming back to the dentist but only if its 'this dentist.' His attitude has helped me make it easier to bring my 2 1/2 year old soon. She actually is excited to come because my son told her how 'fun' it is. I think you guys are amazing! Thank you!"- L.W.


"We are thrilled at you care and attention. Three dentists wanted to sedate [my son] for work on his cavities with little care toward our feelings against sedating our child. Dr. Pirnazar is the ONLY dentist to explain procedures to my child and I and is very approachable - he put a very anxious mother at ease! I trust him 100% and would recommend him to everyone. I'm so happy we found you - thank you."- S.B.

"My kids actually like to come to the dentist. My daughter even looks forward to it."- S.J.

"My son loves visiting Dr. Pirnazar. He's only been a couple of times but whenever he doesn't feel good he says he needs to go to the dentist. I tell him that he needs to see a 'doctor" if his tummy hurts, but he insists the dentist would be better and he's only three! I think everything about BabyTeeth is wonderful."-N.S.

"Dr. P. goes out of his way to make my son feel special, which he responds to."-S.D.

"[My daughter] is very comfortable and secure with you all throughout what has been a difficult process for her. Thank you for that and I'm especially impressed with how you follow-up with calls to check on her after appointments."-J.D.

"I went to another Pediatric Dentist before I came to BabyTeeth and I appreciated your staff's genuine interest and the knowledge the doctor possessed on tooth decay and babies. Your staff made me feel very comfortable and even took the time to thoroughly go through all of my options with my daughter's teeth."-M.M.

"You certainly make my 11 year old much more comfortable about his upcoming filling."-S.F.

"My kids love to go to Dr. Pirnazar and I think it is great because dentists were always scary to me, besides being painful. It is amazing that they look forward to each visit instead of being afraid."-J.A.

"I love the personal attention, willingness to answer questions, and the genuine concern."-M.W.

"Thank you! I am going to send more kids to your office. All of you are EXCELLENT! Dr. Pirnazar is very friendly and knows how to relate to kids."-M.R.