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Ozone Dentistry (O3 Dentistry)...

Ozone (O3) - Activated Oxygen is a natural, strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal agent

Ozone (O3) - Activated Oxygen is a natural, strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal agent

We are fortunate to be among a few dental practices in the country trained use ozone in treatment.  Ozone has been used in healthcare throughout Europe and South America for years. Ozone (O3), which is made from the combination of 3 oxygen molecules (compared to 2 oxygen molecules in the air that we breathe) has the incredible anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties literally on contact. The applications for this in dentistry are numerous, as the mouth is normally full of bacteria, which can adversely affect teeth and gums. As you may know, most dental problems are caused or otherwise affected by bacteria in the mouth.

Ozone can be used as a very natural disinfection agent - in periodonal (gum) therapy, preventive and restorative dentistry, as well as minimally invasive dentistry - to kill bacteria before doing restorations such as fillings, to help more quickly heal canker-sores, just to name a few. Ozone is a wonderful addition to our armamentarium of tools we use to help our patients.  Below are some uses of Ozobe in dentistry:

Ozone Therapy and Bacterial Infections
Many bacterial infection can be effectively treated with O3. Rinsing and gargling with ozonated water is effective for sore throats, ulcerations, abscesses and periodontal problems. In the dental office irrigating pockets with O3 water and O3 gas is highly beneficial. Used in this manner, O3 not only helps arrest the progression of the disease but also helps prevent or slow-down the rate of tooth decay.

Ozone Therapy and Teeth
Ozone also serves as an excellent wash for teeth just prior to restoring them. It is similarly beneficial when a tooth nerve has been exposed. In the case of a nerve exposure, use of O3 water and/or O3 gas may often prevent the nerve from dying, thus preventing a root canal or extraction. If a root canal or other dental nerve treatments are being performed, the use of ozone will maximize the best chances for success. By success, I mean that the tooth will not cause any systemic problems. Remember teeth are made up of millions of tubules. The bacteria in these tubules give off potent toxins that can travel throughout a person’s body and cause many health problems. Rinsing the tubules with O3 water or O3 gas, permeates the tubules and disinfects the tooth.

Ozone Therapy and Dental Surgery
Irrigation of a surgical site with O3 water or application of ozone gas will speed healing and help remineralize the tooth and bone. Thus, O3 water may be helpful for extractions, cavitational surgery, and implant surgery. Ozone therapy greatly increases the odds of healing cavitations – without surgery. Because ozone kills the bugs, enhances the immune system, promotes remineralization of bone, etc. ozone has remarkable effects.

Mouth Lesions
Ozone has many uses; one of which is as a salve for the gums. Most types of cold sore (ulcer or hepatic lesion) can be helped by Ozone Therapy.  For apthous ulcers (cold sores) or any kind of sore in the mouth, Ozone Therapy will accelerate healing. Ozone also has great desensitizing properties and may be found  helping with the pain. As you can see, ozone, when used properly and in proper amounts can have a wide range of beneficial applications.